Sports Marketing and Media Associate of Applied Science

Degree Type
Associate of Applied Science
Program Length
52 weeks

This program is designed to be paired with the Business Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Concentration in Sports Marketing and Media degree program. Apply today to get started.

Total Credit Hours
Teams, companies, and organizations in the field of sports business are rapidly moving into social, mobile, and digital spaces while targeting opportunities to create content, control their messages, generate revenue, and create fan branding. These businesses are realizing that as the digital universe expands, they can connect with their respective clients and fan bases in a much more intimate way than has ever been possible. Because of this, the sports-business industry has a universal need for creative professionals who understand and utilize technology and are able to communicate the information derived from it. The Sports Marketing & Media curriculum provides opportunities for you to contribute to the new demands of the evolving field of sports business, particularly from a position where digital art, design, communication, distribution, and marketing intersect. This curriculum will also provide you with a fundamental understanding of how marketing and content creation are becoming more integrated into the everyday operations of sports businesses. Furthermore, the curriculum provides practical, real-time opportunities for you to create, distribute, and market content, and includes topics such as social-media marketing, sports-business models, mobile technology, sports sales and sponsorships, intellectual property, and leadership and organizational behavior. This collaborative, project-based curriculum culminates with you creating and producing a targeted sports-business proposal for a self-selected company such as a team, league, university, or marketer.
Associate of Applied Science  The objective of the Sports Marketing & Media Associate of Applied Science degree program is to help you develop and refine skills in marketing and technology, which will be valuable for all forms of engagement—communication, revenue generation, event operations, marketing, and business development—within the field of sports business. The degree program focuses on ways that you can maximize the connection between fans, teams, brands, and athletes, and you will learn how to utilize the principles of marketing in a sports-specific context while implementing original content on multiple platforms. Completing the Sports Marketing & Media Associate of Applied Science degree program will enable you to pursue new and emerging entry-level professional pathways in the field of sports business, including positions such as marketing coordinator, marketing analyst, marketing specialist, branding associate, and many others.

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