Termination Policy and Borrower’s Agreement

A student may terminate their enrollment agreement by giving notice to a Student Advocacy team member at Full Sail University. Withdrawals are subject to the Institutional Refund Policy section of this catalog.

Full Sail University reserves the right to terminate the enrollment agreement in the event of (i) disruptive behavior by a student, (ii) destruction of property by a student, (iii) nonpayment of tuition, (iv) unsatisfactory progress, (v) poor attendance and/or participation, or (vi) failure to satisfactorily complete all required courses prior to attempting 150% of the credit hours required to complete the semester.

A student’s dissatisfaction with or non-receipt of educational services offered by
Full Sail University does not excuse the student from repayment of any private loan, grant, federal loan, or other loan whatsoever made to the student for enrollment and completion of training at Full Sail University.