Students Receiving Veterans Benefits

Credit for Previous Training for Students Receiving Veterans Benefits

Students receiving veterans benefits with previous postsecondary training or work experience must have this training or work experience evaluated and receive credit when appropriate. An official transcript or documentation of work experience must be sent to the Director of Student Affairs. These students must also successfully complete the final exam for each course to be credited. The Director of Student Affairs evaluates all relevant information, and credit for previous training is granted where appropriate. If credit is given, the training time within the program may be shortened and the tuition reduced accordingly.

Satisfactory Progress for Students Receiving Veterans Benefits

A standard system of percentages is used for measuring progress in each course. Students are given periodic examinations, both written and practical. Those receiving veterans benefits are evaluated at the end of each class. In order to maintain satisfactory progress, students must have a 1.0 term GPA at the end of each evaluation period and have a cumulative grade point average at the 25%, mid-point and end of the program that meets the same graduation requirements for all degree program students. Those who do not achieve satisfactory progress at the end of each evaluation are placed on probation for eight weeks. Students who do not achieve satisfactory progress on or before the end of the eight week probation period have their veterans benefits terminated and are subject to termination from Full Sail. In this event, students are responsible for payment of any remaining tuition balance.

Reporting for Students Receiving Veterans Benefits

Students are responsible for reporting changes in their enrollment status to Full Sail’s certifying official and to the VA. The law requires that education benefits to veterans be discontinued when students cease to maintain satisfactory attendance, progress, or conduct during training.

Re-Entry for Students Receiving Veterans Benefits

Students receiving veterans benefits who are dismissed for unsatisfactory progress, poor attendance, misconduct or any other reason must seek re-entry through the Academic Advisors in the Education Department. These students may be re-admitted into the program at the discretion of the Director of Student Affairs. They re-enter under a probationary status and those receiving veterans benefits are evaluated one month after re-entry. A term grade point average of at least 1.0, satisfactory attendance and good conduct are required to continue training and, at that point, students are again eligible to apply for veterans benefits. Students must maintain satisfactory progress and attendance for the remainder of the program. If satisfactory progress is not maintained, veterans benefits are denied and the students are responsible for the balance of the tuition owed.