Maximum Time Frame for Program Completion

All students are encouraged and expected to complete their education within the maximum time frame (MTF) for their program of study. To complete a program within the maximum time frame, a student will complete the program requirements by attempting no more than 1.5 times the program’s required credit hours, for example:

  • An associate degree that requires 60 credit hours would have an MTF of 90 credit hours attempted.
  • A bachelor’s degree that requires 120 credit hours would have an MTF of 180 credit hours attempted.
  • A Master’s degree that requires 40 credit hours would have an MTF of 60 credit hours attempted.

Additional costs, such as living expenses and tuition, are associated with longer terms of enrollment. A student will also become ineligible for additional student financial aid assistance programs once the maximum time frame is reached or when it becomes apparent that the student will not complete the program requirements within the maximum time frame. Students approaching maximum time frame are encouraged to speak with their academic and financial aid advisors.