Global Professionalism Standards

For over 30 years, Full Sail has built relationships within the Entertainment Media Industry and has learned from industry professionals, our alumni and Advisory Board members, those items that are crucial to a successful career. It is the school’s role to ensure that each student understands, accepts, and adheres to specific industry expectations placed upon graduates as they pursue their chosen field. In addition to the school’s widely-respected education, Full Sail is a unique community that promotes the importance of a vital code of conduct, which will allow a student to transition into a successful media professional.

The Global Professionalism Standards (GPS) program is a formal set of standards for professional conduct which reflects the expectations of the industry. While these standards have been represented in the Full Sail Student Manual’s code of conduct since the school’s inception, this expanded program quantifies these terms, allowing students to measure their progress as well as giving them a platform from which excellence can be gauged. These initiatives address the need for students and graduates alike to exhibit a desired level of professionalism thereby ensuring each student a respectful, optimized learning environment, while allowing Full Sail graduates to be viewed as more competitive and better qualified for entering the industry. The GPS contains five main components that will be evaluated throughout the education term as a student. These components are:

  • Timeliness
  • Evidencing Respect
  • Preparation
  • Alertness/Attentiveness
  • Compliance with Full Sail’s policies as well as local and federal laws

Each student’s professional skills will be assessed during their tenure with Full Sail in three areas: Learning Environments, Education, and Community.

  • Learning Environments and Education: The ability to follow the code of conduct set forth in the Full Sail Student Manual (factors including: timeliness, evidencing respect, preparation, alertness/attentiveness and compliance with Full Sail’s policies as well as local and federal laws) will ensure that each student maintains a GPS score of 100 percent. Failure to follow any and/or all parts of the Full Sail code of conduct will result in points being deducted from the GPS score.
  • Community: This element represents the ability to add to the GPS score by contributing and participating in events both within Full Sail and throughout the larger community. Events may include: volunteer work, attending designated tutorials or workshops, starting or participating in a community-minded group, or organizing a benevolent fund-raising event. 
  • The Global Professionalism Standards program was created with the help of industry professionals and students to help the current student become familiar with the professional attributes of employment and to enhance the ability to successfully navigate within a professional environment.