Educational Philosophy

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1. Empower students through an active relationship with the entertainment, technology, and media industries

Full Sail is dedicated to serving the needs and careers of students and graduates by actively engaging the companies that make up the entertainment, technology, and media industries, both in the United States and around the world. At Full Sail, every program of study goes through ongoing assessment and evolution, ensuring that students receive an education that is current and relevant. This is accomplished through industry feedback and insight, and the specific guidance of groups of entertainment, technology, and media professionals who make up Program Advisory Committees for each program of study. In addition, the university’s commitment to a close relationship with the industry allows employers to easily recruit qualified talent, and also allows the Career Development department to promote graduates to the widest possible audience.

2. Connect students with educators and industry guests who inspire and challenge

The core of Full Sail University is the staff, many of whom bring years of industry credentials and educational experience to the university. Because many Full Sail educators and guests are active in the professional community through conventions, industry affiliations, and professional projects, they are able to inspire students with current knowledge that speaks to how entertainment, technology, and media companies create exceptional professional product.

3. Provide learning environments that are real world

Full Sail’s campus is designed to provide students with educational environments that are on par with some of the best production facilities in the world. In these studios, labs, and classrooms, students gain real-world experience with the creative and technical tools employed at all levels of the industry. At the same time, they learn the same production workflow used in film productions, recording sessions, live events, animation and design projects, and in the development of video games, websites, and entertainment business strategies.

Full Sail’s online courses and degrees are driven by a real-world approach that uses current technology to educate and inspire. Through the capabilities of today’s Internet, traditional assignments are complemented by videos, animations, and interactive exercises. Full Sail’s online learning environment is also built around the concept of connecting students with people – from accessible instructors, to exclusive guest lecturers, to collaboration tools that enable students to meet, share, and receive feedback from peers.

Whether on campus or online, Full Sail’s goal is to deliver a real-world educational experience that is engaging and exceptional.

4. Promote professionalism throughout the educational experience

From the beginning, Full Sail’s tenet has been that students should approach their education like professionals because it will increase their chance for success throughout their careers. There are initiatives woven throughout a student’s educational journey designed to instill professional protocol, attitude, and a mindset for creativity and success. These elements are integral to the Full Sail real-world educational formula, alongside up-to-date curricula, professional settings, immersive projects, and experienced educators.