Computer Science Bachelor of Science Completion Program - Online

Degree Type
Bachelor Completion
Program Length
40 weeks

Program Concentration - Web Development

WDV353 Server-Side Languages

4.0 Credit Hours

WDV3300 Cloud Application Development

3.0 Credit Hours

WDV4424 Application Integration and Security

4.0 Credit Hours

WDV3400 Content Management System Development

3.0 Credit Hours

WDV3421 Connected Devices and Applications

3.0 Credit Hours

COD3721 Computer Networks

3.0 Credit Hours

SDV4327 Software Architecture

3.0 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours

The Computer Science Bachelor of Science Completion program familiarizes you with the complex and ever-changing world of today’s software developers and software engineers. The goal of this curriculum is to educate you on the design, development, and implementation of software-based solutions and other software products for the business, entertainment, and consumer markets. You will engage in application creation by participating in various computer science projects throughout the degree program that will equip you to understand the differences between small programming projects and large-enterprise software systems projects. After you complete the core Computer Science curriculum, you will have the opportunity to choose a concentration in Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Development, or Web Development.


The goal of the Computer Science Bachelor of Science Completion program is to develop your software design and production capabilities to prepare you for entry level positions in this field. Depending on your concentration, these may include software engineer, software architect, computer applications engineer, UI developer, AI developer, machine learning developer, and a variety of others. It is also a goal of the program to encourage lifelong learning and critical-thinking skills through threaded research, analysis, and professional development. Through project-based learning, you will be able to create your own software-application project and articulate and deliver this project through appropriate  communication strategies and business models.

Noted as online, but this program is also available on campus.

Note: Enrollment has not commenced for the Web Development concentration of this completion program. Please contact Admissions (407-679-0100) for additional information regarding the programs offered at Full Sail University.

Note: The approved program is a degree completion program. Entering students must have a related associate degree or higher level degree and must complete 60 semester hours.