Music Business Associate of Science

Degree Type
Associate of Science
Program Length
40 weeks
Total Credit Hours
To maximize an artist’s potential, every job in the music industry needs to work in harmony. By applying a real-world approach and utilizing authentic scenarios, the Music Business curriculum prepares students to become music business professionals working with major record labels, online streaming sites, music publishers, booking agencies, concert promoters, artist management firms, and more. To be an effective player in music business, it’s not just important to be good at what you do but also to be well versed in the many different roles within the industry. For example, a band’s publicist may not need to book a tour, but being aware of how and why that tour is routed a certain way is invaluable knowledge when it comes to forming a media strategy. By teaching you about the many different roles in the business, the Music Business curriculum allows you to not only focus on what you do best but also to ensure that your contributions to the big picture are as effective as possible. You will learn these roles through courses in music-specific business subjects such as artist management, music copyright and publishing, concert management and touring, and music evaluation for artists and repertoire, as well as general business concepts such as finance, leadership, and marketing. In addition to business-specific topics, you will also have courses focusing on communication skills, physical science, professional writing, and how to prepare for a career in the music industry.
Associate's Objective  The goal of the Music Business Associate of Science degree program is to provide you with focused knowledge and understanding of essential business and management skills to enhance your ability to become successful music business professionals. Entry-level positions such as executive assistants, sales assistants, marketing assistants, promotions assistants, or project coordinators are some of the career opportunities you will be prepared for with record labels, music publishers, artist-management firms, concert promoters, and music-technology companies. Completing the Music Business Associate of Science degree program will provide you with a portfolio of real-world projects to further your career as an entrepreneur and leader in the music industry.

Please Note

  • Some specific courses may be offered online. Please see course descriptions for details.