Game Development Associate of Science - Campus

Degree Type
Associate of Science
Program Length
40 weeks
Total Credit Hours

The Game Development curriculum is designed to give you the programming skills and theory needed to excel in the world of game development. First, you will learn the details of a game development cycle from preproduction to finished product and begin to create simple games that will help to develop your programming and design skills. Then you will move into more complex and detailed tasks in courses such as Computer Graphics, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering. Finally, you will focus these skills on a complete, playable game that you will design, develop, and produce from start to finish. This is part of a complete game development education that will get you ready to face the demands of the professional game world. In addition to learning the game development process, you will have courses focusing on probability, digital logic, and game architecture.


Associate's Objective The goal of the Game Development Associate of Science degree program is to provide you with the focused knowledge and understanding of game development useful in qualifying for entry-level industry positions as game programmers, tool programmers, and interface programmers. In addition to a strong coding foundation, skills developed in this program include creative presentation, as well as the math and physics required to model a realistic game world. In addition to technical proficiency and creative development, your education will help you develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that contribute to lifelong learning, providing you with tools to help sustain a long and productive professional career in the entertainment and media industries.

Note: Some specific courses may be offered online. Please see course descriptions for details.