Game Business and Esports Associate of Science

Degree Type
Associate of Science
Program Length
40 weeks
Total Credit Hours
Game publishers, esports teams, venues, agencies, and organizations in the gaming industry rely on business-minded individuals to support the operation and expansion of their product, service, or team. Business professionals in gaming and esports are able to connect these entities with their consumers, drawing from a wealth of knowledge in gaming culture, technology, revenue streams, and communication tactics. The Game Business & Esports curriculum provides an opportunity for you to examine the business aspects of the gaming industry. You will dive into the publisher, product, and distribution world as well as the esports side of the industry, building experience in community interactions, marketing, events, business development, and digital engagement from all angles of the industry. The curriculum provides exercise in creating digital content and cultivates your understanding of how different gaming communities engage through digital mediums, including from an international lens. You will learn to identify revenue-generation opportunities and ways to connect them with businesses within the industry. The curriculum navigates through techniques to create social media campaigns, event and team management, and game marketing strategies with a culminating project to implement a targeted esports event.
Associate's Objective  The goal of the Game Business & Esports Associate of Science degree program is to hone your planning, communication, and content creation skills to be able to connect and engage gaming consumers with brands and events. You will understand the various business models within game publishing and esports while also recognizing revenue-generating opportunities within each realm that will serve to engage fans and stakeholders. You will grasp the various types of gameplay and their styles of community behavior. The curriculum covers the terminology and business structure behind game publishers, event venues and production, and esports teams. Completing the Game Business & Esports Associate of Science degree program will equip you with the skill set to pursue essential pathways across the business and operational roles of the evolving gaming industry.

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