Creative Writing Associate of Applied Science

Degree Type
Associate of Applied Science
Program Length
56 weeks

This program is designed to be paired with the Communications Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Concentration in Creative Writing degree program. Apply today to get started.

Total Credit Hours
As new distribution channels for media emerge in the entertainment industry, there is an increasing demand for creative writers who can extend a compelling story across multiple platforms. The Creative Writing curriculum provides you with the opportunity to not only perfect your story-writing abilities but also allows you to understand and implement the transmedia approach that is necessary in today’s entertainment industry. Whether the final delivery channel is a movie theater, television screen, computer monitor, game console, website, or mobile device, you will learn to develop compelling and well-crafted stories that will captivate consumers on multiple platforms. A growing collection of digital tools is available to today’s writers, and the Creative Writing curriculum teaches the most effective way to utilize those tools. You will explore multiple literary genres along with techniques for writing for different audiences and mediums. In addition, you will develop leadership, project-management, and research skills, sharpen your technical prowess, conduct and utilize industry research, and learn how to revise your own work and collaborate with others to enhance your creative works.
Associate of Applied Science  The objective of the Creative Writing Associate of Applied Science degree program is to provide you with a focused knowledge and clear understanding of visual storytelling, narrative structures, multimedia terms and genres, character creation and development, screenwriting and storyboarding, script analysis, criticism, and editing for a variety of niches and distribution methods in the entertainment and media industries. This program is designed to equip you with editorial skills, enhance your ability to create compelling stories and writing elements, and enable you to pursue entry-level careers in creative writing.  The Creative Writing Associate of Applied Science degree program will also further strengthen the communication, creative thinking, and research skills necessary for the development and execution of creative writing projects. Completing the program will enable you to take full advantage of today’s high demand for creative writers and prepare you for entry-level positions as writers in the entertainment and media industries.

Please Note

  • Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree programs are designed to prepare students for entry into technical and professional fields. A.A.S. degree programs are fully transferable into related Full Sail University bachelor’s programs. The transferability of credit from Full Sail to another institution is at the discretion of the accepting institution. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not credits will be accepted by another college.