Credit for Previous Education

Students with previous postsecondary education may request credit for previous education.

Transfer Credit

Those seeking transfer credit from another accredited postsecondary school while attending Full Sail submit a copy of official transcripts to the Document Management Team. To receive transfer credit, students must have successfully completed courses similar in scope and content to Full Sail courses. The submission of a copy of official college transcripts must occur within the first two weeks of attendance at Full Sail. For those classes that begin the first week in a degree program, a copy of official college transcripts must be received before class begins. The right to receive transfer credit for a course is only granted for successful completion of prior education in subjects that have received a grade of C or better. Transfer credits are awarded based on courses already completed and recommendations to attend courses at other institutions cannot be provided. Acceptance of transfer credit may change a student’s eligibility for certain types of financial aid. Full Sail may request additional documentation to verify and/or assess the preparation provided by the issuing institution. In all cases, Full Sail retains the sole discretion to determine the transferability of credits.

Credit by Examination

Undergraduate, campus-based students are eligible for credit by examination (CE) to earn credit toward graduation. Undergraduate campus students who have work experience or who cannot provide a college transcript prior to the deadline for submission, may take a CE test in each course for which credit is being sought and must obtain a score of 75 percent or better in order to receive credit. CE tests must occur within the first two weeks of attendance at Full Sail. For those classes that begin the first week, the test must be taken before the course begins. A minimum of 25 percent of an undergraduate degree program’s semester hours or equivalent must be taken to receive a degree from Full Sail University. Matriculation agreements with other postsecondary institutions or universities are handled on an individual basis and may negate the usual testing procedure.

CE tests can only be taken one time. There is no fee to take the exam, but it must be scheduled through Enrollment or the Student Success Department prior to the beginning of a course. If a student starts a course, they are no longer eligible to take the CE test for that course.

Graduate, online students who have at least five years of management and/or leadership experience may be eligible for credit by examination. For the following graduate degree programs: Business Intelligence Master of Science, Entertainment Business Master of Science, or Digital Marketing Master of Science, a maximum of five courses may be considered for credit by examination. Prospective students will be asked to submit their undergraduate transcript, a résumé, and a letter of intent to qualify for credit by examination. The final decision to allow CE tests rests with the Program Director of the graduate degree program. Not all courses in these programs are eligible for credit by examination. Students must achieve a score of 85 percent or better in order to receive credit. A majority of the credits required for a graduate degree program must be completed at Full Sail University.

If credit is earned, the tuition and credit hours are revised for the degree program accordingly. Successful completion of a CE test results in a test-out (TO) on the student’s transcript. The credit does not affect the student’s GPA but does count as hours toward graduation and maximum time frame.

CE tests are not available for all courses. Some technical courses may require both a written test and a practical test. Many intermediate and advanced courses in the program’s core curriculum are not eligible for credit by examination. A specific list of courses available for credit by examination may be obtained from the Enrollment team. Credits earned via credit by examination may change a student’s eligibility for certain types of financial aid.

Transferability of Credit

Questions regarding matriculation should be directed to the institution at which continued education is being sought. The transferability of credit from Full Sail to another institution is at the discretion of the accepting institution. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not credits will be accepted by another college.