Governing Body

Full Sail University is a fictitious name registered by Full Sail, LLC. Full Sail is organized and chartered under the laws of the State of Florida. The address of the governing body is the same as that of the school.

  • Ed Haddock  
  • Bill Heavener  
  • Jon Phelps
Full Sail University Administration

Garry Jones


Ken Goldstone

Vice Chairman

Isis Jones

Chief Information Officer/Executive Director Of Education

Debbie Magruder

Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Geoff Rogers

Executive Vice President

Matthew Pengra

Senior Vice President

Andrew Solberg

Senior Vice President

Mary Beth Plank-Mezo

Vice President, Staff  &Cultural Development

Mark Gilbert

Vice President, Information & Media Technology

Sharon Griffith

Vice President, Financial Aid

Craig Daily

Vice President & Creative Director

Jay Noble

Vice President, Alumni Relations

Tom LaCroix

Vice President, Admissions

Shayne Cade

Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness & Compliance

Diane DiFebbo

Vice President, Accounting and Finance


Dave Franko

Vice President, Academic Affairs

Nell Thompson

Vice President, Academic Innovation

Edgard Bond

Vice President, Education Operations

Heather Dartez

Director of Graduate Studies

Debbie Mills

Director of Student Affairs

Jon Craig

Director of Academic Success

Charles Everett

Director of Academic Analytics

Robin Anderson

Director of Curriculum Assessment

Angelique Smith

Director of Faculty Affairs & Development

Haifa Maamar

Education Director, Emerging Technologies

Rick Ramsey

Education Director, Visual Arts

Kathleen Ross

Education Director, Visual Arts

Brandon Egerton

Education Director, Audio Arts

Eric Saperstein

Education Director, Business